About us

We are the leaders of primary care system ensuring a secured network of medical care with 7 years of experience. We guarantee fine quality products to meet customer’s satisfaction. We are committed for high quality pharmaceuticals formulations in an enormous range through the team of qualified & experienced technocrats in R&D, QA, QC & production divisions etc. We are professionally qualified competent manufacturer for suitable A1, semi-finished & finished dosages formulation (FDF). We strive hard to improve the quality of life for patients by providing them products that are Safe, Effective, High Quality and Affordable.


As a part of domestic marketing, our channels mark steady growth in production and supply to medical segments like General Physiology, Gynaecology, Internal Medicine and many more. In India, The company has a strong distribution setup with super stockists in the states of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and stockist for retail coverage especially in Amroha, Moradabad, Delhi and is expanding its base nationwide and around Middle East Asia as a truly authentic provider in Medico. To augment the domestic market, Company’s operations are based on focused approach with a notion of making lives better.

All the brands of Roshan Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. are available in central pharmacies, leading medical care centres and in reputed clinics in specified areas. Roshan Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. has proven high acceptance in the running covered markets due to fine combination, rationale composition and premium quality production. We win trust among customers through user’s feedback on our quality and niche.

Domestic marketing

To mark its strong presence, Roshan Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. mentored and expanded the productive marketing team & competent Distribution Team.

Marketing team: Better reach & penetration through various marketing sectors.

Distribution Team: For well- ordered and consistent supplies through efficient distribution chain to ensure convenience to the end users.

The company has: a highly capable carrying and forwarding agents (C&FA) conveniently located in areas of Moradabad, Ghaziabad, Noida, Amroha, Gurgaon, Delhi etc. The strong network of complex stockists in areas of UP covers more large network of prominent retailers across Delhi and other states with the help of skilled salesmen and deliverymen to cater to the rising requirements of markets.

Roshan pharma offers Quality, Innovative and Affordable products to the medical fraternity. It is a bright upcoming company in the Indian Pharmaceutical Sector.

Roshan Pharma Institutional division is associated with the top medical bodies, retailers and Hospitals to extend our product range to the masses. Every area is well covered and supplied through our channel partners. This portfolio helps us to serve the nation for their medical needs. We are registered vendor of Major Government Institution of India.

Roshan Pharma Pvt Ltd contains Multi-Speciality dynamic division specialised in different specialities like Anti-Infectives, Pain Management, Infant Care, Respiratory Care, Women’s Health, Antibiotics. Some of the most demanding medicines named as. Acerosh Cold, Claveforce Eye Drop, Acecare P, R-Total, Midget and Colivez Dry Syrup (Innovative Pain Relieving Gel. Various other brand new medicines are enlisted in detail sections and company is actively labouring to produce finest solutions to bring hopes for health and disease survivors. Overall, Roshan Pharma is best known for supplying best quality leading brands in the respective segments.

Our recent launch of super quality masks and exclusive brands of sanitisers at minimum cost has multiplied firm’s customers and weightage. We are best in dealing with retailers and first-hand customers for surplus supply.


We aim to become a leading Asian player in innovation, offering patients and consumers best medicine supplies and solutions to achieve better health outcomes and higher quality of life. We ensure our target real through robust medicinal growth, strong collaborations with reputed Research Institutes and valuable partnerships with our strategic allies.

We pledge to successfully develop distinctive treatments for Physical and Mental Health conditions while selectively preserving our ongoing position in the Consumer Health segment.


In India, we invest hard labour every day to grow as a leading International Pharma Company that makes a difference in patient’s life and turning healthier life even better with our commitment to finest quality, to become one of the most reputed, internationally recognised and valued companies in the domestic and international market especially in Middle East. We aim to achieve the company’s leadership top quality production and the provision of medicines for people based on international standard specifications in all from the local and international levels and to achieve the highest quality at the lowest cost, which returns to the customer and community satisfaction and meets the needs of the customers successfully

Professionally, team company envisions its teams as most skilled and paid professionals in the operational segment of the industry. It believes that our team should financially and technically develop faster than industry standards to achieve pride in their professional and personal worlds. Roshan Pharma professional approach tends to provide quality and healthy life to humankind and mark pride as an emerging “a drop of hope” globally.